Fareed Jawad

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Fareed has been in the Payments industry for over 21 years and in multiple geographies. He loves to share knowledge about payment systems and processes and believes that there is great opportunity to re-think how payments should happen at scale with greater trust and reduced friction.

One of the really exciting things he did in his early payments career include being part of the
team at VeriFone that built and deployed the world's first SSL based payment gateway.
Moving from the extremely heavy SET protocol to the SSL protocol working with the very
first set of PKI certificate authorities and a stellar working group across organizations in the
valley back in the 90s.

A small example of the kind of problems Fareed likes to solve: While at Amazon – India. He
architected an ITTP (Intermediate Trusted Third Party) based authentication model for the
app in partnership with Citibank which led to an upside of 10% in revenues due to fewer
drop-offs during authentication. India being a 2FA mandatory country for payments.
Fareed is also excited about how Spreedly can help Ola Cabs with tokenization for their
international expansion. This partnership allows Ola Cabs to have the flexibility of choosing
the best PSPs for specific regions/countries through one integration with Spreedly.

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