Jim Eden

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James (JJ) Eden is an industry leader in the field of mobile payment systems and traffic technology, with a specialization in tolling technology and infrastructure.

Currently a Vice President and Director of Tolling at global engineering firm AECOM, JJ’s career spans 47+ years in the business of helping America’s highways operate with safety and efficiency. He also is the President, CEO and co-founder of The Alliance for Toll Interoperability, a North American trade organization dedicated to advancing in vehicle payment systems. He formerly served as COO of the North Carolina Turnpike Authority and Director of Electronic Toll Collection at ACS/Lockheed Martin, IMS. He spent many years as a contractor and employee of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, where he directed installation of the Turnpike’s first computer systems and designed the industries first Management online maintenance system M,O.M.S.

In 1988, JJ was a founding member of the E-ZPass, which has grown to become a $35B inter-agency group with over 40 million customers. JJ’s contributions to the industry have evolved to focus on consulting, where he supports executives in the areas of effective operations management, systems integration, and assembling highly talented teams to take on the future challenges. Some recent work includes advanced in-vehicle payment, autonomous and connected vehicles and tolling design and operations.

JJ resides in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina with his wife of 46 years, Winnie.

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